Artwork Guidance

Preferred Artwork

  • Print Ready PDF or JPG
  • Colour – CMYK
  • Bleed – 3mm
  • Safe Zone – 3mm inside the edge of design
  • Resolution – 300dpi
  • Fonts – curved / embedded

Please note that RGB and Pantone colours will be automatically converted to CMYK, which might affect the colour of your print. We will not be responsible for any colour variation because of conversion.

Why does the print look different from the document on my screen?

A major cause for this is that a screen uses RGB colours. Printing colours are made up of CMYK colours. This usually accounts for colour differences.

What is Bleed:

When graphics continue to the edge of a document, bleed is required. The industry standard is to have 3mm of bleed on each edge of a document, with a 3mm safe zone inside on all sides, giving us room to cut your custom print without cutting required text, logo etc.

For example: (For an A4 Artwork, Finished Size: 210 x 297mm,  Artwork with Bleed: 216 x 303mm,  Safe Zone: 204 x 291mm).

Safe Zone:

Safe Zone is an additional 3mm inside the cutting edge in which no text or important information should be placed. Any text or information placed in this area is at risk of being cut off.